Writeidea Volunteer

•    Are you interested in hearing authors speak at an event??

•    Do you want to help readers to hear authors?

If so then you have found the perfect volunteer role for yourself!

Writeidea Events Organiser

We need volunteers who can:

•    Meet and greet the authors.
•    Guide the public.
•    Assist with evaluation: engaging with readers who attend the festival and asking for their feedback.
•    Helping events run smoothly and creating the right atmosphere; so that audiences and first timers in particular feel comfortable.

We need people who:

•    Have an outgoing personality and can speak to people will confidence.
•    Are able to solve problems.
•    Are able to take guidance.
•    Come with skills that they want to put into practice.

In return you can expect to:
•    Work as part of the events team.
•    Help deliver a fun and informative event to individuals, families and groups.
•    Have the chance to meet new people and build friendships.
•    Build on existing skills and interests.
•    Gain accreditation.
•    Receive appropriate training.

You will be expected to:
•    Attend a briefing before the festival.
•    Attend a maximum of 2 training sessions.
•    Attend at least 2 out of the 3 days of the festival.
•    Wear a t-shirt and badge on the festival days.

Please complete the online application form -  and we will be in touch near the time.